TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2013
1. Any frequency can be selected with the
marker in the very responsive spectrum
2. Using the SAT SCAN feature the meter
can automatically identify the active
satellite thanks to the NIT function.
3. After only a few seconds the name of
the current satellite can be read on the
4. From one of the two enlarged spectrum
presentations a transponder search can
be launched right away from the position
of the marker.
5. The KWS VAROS 109 automatically
finds out all reception parameters and
shows the measurement results once the
signal is locked.
6. In addition, the channel list of the
active transponder can be called up.
7. The PIDs of the selected channel are
also available on the screen.
8. When the PIDs are shown and you
press ENTER once more instead of the
ESC or OSD/VID buttons the MPEG deco-
der is activated.
9. The KWS VAROS 109 is capable of
playing back MPEG2 and MPEG4 video
plus audio. What’s more, information
such as video resolution can be presen-
ted in a dedicated window.
10. Operating the meter is a very straight-
forward and user-friendly affair. All
required transponders can be checked
quickly and intuitively.
11. The required polarisation can be
selected with the LNB button.
12. While a measurement is being perfor-
med it is possible to activate additional
features such as an audio signal chan-
ging its pitch according to the signal
level. This allows antenna alignment wit-
hout having to keep an eye on the meter
at all times.
splashes of water in everyday use. This
all adds up to show that the meter is de-
signed for day-to-day installation jobs
up on the roof or out at construction
sites. The carrying strap of the bag can
be adjusted in length so that the de-
vice can be carried on the shoulder or
around the neck, and if you lean the me-
ter against your stomach you can even
use it hands-free.
The nylon bag is designed in a way
that leaves only the HF input (designed
to accept F plugs) accessible from the
outside. In addition, the external power
pack can be attached through a small
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