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— 01-02/2013
Paul Pickering founded
Horizon in 2001 and with
enormous foresight has
expanded Horizon’s
market niche: that would
be very reliable and
also easy-to-use signal
analyzers for daily use by
British Signal
Manufacturer with
Numerous New
Paul Pickering founded the signal
analyzer manufacturer Horizon back in
2001. In 2011 the company celebrated
its 10-year anniversary and could be
proud of the 125,000 satellite signal
analyzers that they had sold thus far –
see TELE-audiovision issue 10-11/2011.
For the end of 2012 he is able to add
another surprising figure: “By then
we’ll have sold 160,000 analyzers in
every DVB sector.” Horizon started as
a manufacturer of satellite signal ana-
lyzers but over the past several years
they’ve expanded into other sectors
that now cover every other DVB fre-
quency range.
Paul Hardcastle, who has been with
Horizon for seven years and is now
their Technical Director, explains to us
more about their product palette. “We
Digital TV Meter Manufacturer, UK
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