01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. Paul Hardcastle is Technical
Director and developer of many of
Horizon’s new analyzers. He’s been
the technical heart of Horizon for
seven years now.
2. Trevor Salter is Horizon’s
Service Manager and is primarily
responsible for repairs and quality
issues, as well as assisting
customers with technical
3. Technical Manager is Rob Sydee.
Long-time readers will recognize
him: he made it to the front cover
of TELE-audiovision back in the
12-01/2007 issue. He’s holding here
one of Horizon’s success models
– the yellow color reveals that it’s
a satellite signal analyzer. He says,
“All of our terrestrial DVB-T and
DVB-T2 signal analyzers come in
red housings, combo units come
is green and DVB-C analyzers
come in blue.” The HD-TC8
(for tooway Turbo Internet-via-
satelliteservices) is in a grey case.
4. Ivan Valbuena is the Senior
Hardware Engineer. He checks
the mechanical components of
Horizon’s analyzers and does a
lot of the new hardware design,
working with Paul Hardcastle on
new products.
started with DVB-T a few years ago
and since May 2012 we’ve also been
offering signal analyzers for DVB-T2 –
namely the HD-T2 series.” But Horizon
doesn’t only have DVB-S2 and DVB-T2
products; they are currently prepar-
ing for the introduction of DVB-C signal
analyzers: “That would be the HD-CM+
model for which we see the primary
markets to be in South America, Can-
ada, India and other Asian countries.”
DVB-C is very popular in the cable net-
works there and for the installers in
those regions Horizon now has the right
signal analyzer for them.
“We’re also developing an extremely
easy to use device for DVB-C, the Nano
Cable, which should become available
in the first quarter of 2013.” The Nano
Cable is Horizon’s solution for those
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