01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
What’s the future for digital TV? Is it
with reception or with further distribu-
tion? For the Stefaan Cornelis/Didier
Debey team the future lies clearly with
the further distribution of HDMI signals.
With their company SATSON, they have
focused themselves in this area. Stefaan
Cornelis is the head of the commercial
division and Didier Debey is responsible
for the technical development. We met
up with both of these company heads in
Halle, a city south of Brussels to find out
more about SATSON.
The company has been around for some
time already. TELE-satellite reported on
this company back in the 04-05/2007
issue. Back then SATSON was involved
primarily in receiver sales. Stefaan Cor-
nelis explains to us, “I’ve been involved
with satellite reception since 1992.” In
2000 he founded SATSON together with
his friend from school, Didier Debey,
who studied electronics. Back then the
company was called Sat & Sound. They
successfully marketed satellite receivers
along with the associated accessories.
When HDTV channels started appear-
ing in 2005, they both recognized a new
gap in the market: the distribution of HD
signals in HDMI. As the years went by,
The HDMI splitters
can be cascaded
together such that
a maximum of 448
monitors can be
connected. But
these splitters
are not just for
more and more
households have
more than one
HDTV monitor and
use these splitters
to connect them all
via HDMI to a single
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