Buenos Aires
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— 01-02/2013
From DXer
Dish Producer
Ricardo and extreme reception. He’s
pointing the dish to EUTELSAT at 10°W. “I
might be the only one that can receive this
satellite here in Argentina.”
Is this crazy or what? Ricardo has a professional 3.8-meter dou-
ble-reflector dish installed in his yard and this includes a profes-
sionally cemented mounting platform. ‘Crazy’ in Spanish is ‘Loco’,
hence his nickname “El Loco Ricardo”, and naturally this giant
3.8-meter dish isn’t his only antenna: he has a total of 11 anten-
nas scattered around his property and on top of that there’s an
uncountable number of other unconnected dishes of all different
Installer and Dish Manufacturer Cosmosat, Argentina
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