01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
sizes. Obviously, Ricardo isn’t crazy but
he succeeded in converting his hobby
into his career. He has been living and
working in Itzuzaingo, a suburb west of
Buenos Aires, since 2001. He explains
to us how it all started: “I was 12 years
old when my father moved to Colon in
the Entre Rios province.” That was in
1977 and there was no TV reception
there at all. So, what does an ambi-
tious teenager do in a case like that?
It’s simple: he builds and builds as long
as needed until he’s able to receive TV
from Rosario 300 km (190 miles) away.
And the rest is history.
Young Ricardo was infested with DX
reception and started playing around
with other frequency ranges. “Back
then via shortwave I could hear eve-
ry receivable station from around the
world and I collected QSL cards from
those stations.” When satellite channels
started beaming down from the sky, Ri-
cardo was one of the first in Argentina
to try this new technology. He remem-
bers: “I built my first satellite dish in
1985.” He needed almost a full year to
build a 2.5-meter dish but the thrill of
receiving that first TV channel was even
greater. He still remembers today what
One of the standard homes as
seen from the outside. Only if you
look really close can you see the
antenna hidden in the garden.
Ricardo in his reception shack.
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