TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2013
in Russian
Dimitri Dietrich is CTO and founder
of KartinaTV: he came up with the idea
to start an IPTV provider for Russian-
language TV channels and worked on
developing the necessary technolgy for
that purpose.
When the company Fulan, creator of
the Spark software, integrated an ap-
plication for KartinaTV into their soft-
ware, we reported on this program-
ming provider – see the 04-05/2012
issue of TELE-audiovision.
Now we decided it was time to learn
more about who’s behind this company
by paying them a visit. Oddly enough,
we didn’t have to travel to Russia to
find them; we went around the corner
to Wiesbaden, Germany. This is where
KartinaTV’s headquarters are located
and it’s also where we met up with the
founder of KartinaTV, Dimitri Dietrich.
Dimitri is originally from Russia. “In
1996 I followed my parents from Rus-
sia to Germany.” He studied at the
technical university in Wiesbaden and
while on a summer vacation in Croatia
in 2007 he was surprised by the guest
house owner’s satellite system that
was used to receive Russian-language
TV channels. Dimitri’s wife really liked
this and convinced her husband to
figure out a way to receive the same
large assortment of Russian-language
TV channels at home in Wiesbaden.
“My wife was actually the driving force
behind KartinaTV”, remembers Dimi-
tri. “My thesis at the university was all
about codecs and Internet protocols; I
began to set up a business plan.”
Dimitri soon found an investor and
in October of 2007 the company Kar-
tina Digital GmbH was founded. On
April 1, 2008, KartinaTV went on the
air. Dimitri Dietrich, who today is the
CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of Karti-
IPTV Programming Provider
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