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— 01-02/2013
our subscribers are there.”
Maxim Wilhelm explains to us how
the system works: “Viewers get in
touch with one of our over 1000 deal-
ers in 108 countries around the world.
From there they can take out a yearly
subscription after which they’ll re-
ceive an access code for KartinaTV.”
More than 80% of their subscribers
opt for the IPTV box offered by Kar-
tinaTV. The newest model even has a
built-in hard drive so that viewers can
record TV channels (PVR). But it’s not
necessary to have an IPTV box: “Our
programming can also be viewed on
an iPad if you download the proper
application. You can also view it on a
laptop.” And, of course, as mentioned
before, it also works with the Spark
software’s KartinaTV application. Kar-
tinaTV can also be loaded on Smart-
Phones. KartinaTV even has the corre-
sponding applications for Android on
its website (
All TV channels offered by KartinaTV
are Russian-speaking. “We currently
KartinaTV has marked the
locations on this map of the USA
where local dealers offer KartinaTV
subscriptions and also where most
of the subscribers can be found.
It’s for this reason that KartinaTV
offers two streaming servers in the
USA: one on the west coast and the
other on the east coast.
offer roughly 150 TV channels as well
as 16 radio channels”, we learn from
Vladimir Martinowitsch, European
Sales Manager. Not every TV channel
originates in Russia. “We also have
channels from the Ukraine, Moldavia,
Azerbaijan, The Czech Republic, Ta-
tarstan and Kazakhstan.” KartinaTV
has had several channels available in
HD since January 2011 and even some
3D channels since June 2011. “We re-
ally have no influence when it comes
to HD and 3D channels since this is
decided by the TV channels them-
selves”, adds Vladimir Martinwitsch.
By concentrating on the target
group of Russian-speaking viewers,
KartinaTV has consistently been in-
creasing their number of subscribers.
KartinaTV’s potential covers the en-
tire world thanks to IPTV and because
of consistently increasing bandwidths,
more and more customers can enjoy
these channels in top-notch qual-
ity. Dissemination via the Internet is
thereby gaining more and more im-
Newly available from
KartinaTV: this IPTV
1...,220,221,222,223,224,225,226,227,228,229 231,232,233,234,235,236,237,238,239,240,...260