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— 01-02/2013
for his satellite system from local deal-
ers in the neighboring larger city of
Blantyre in southern Malawi.
“I’m always turning my dishes to re-
ceive other satellites. At the moment
my white dish is pointed to EUTELSAT
W4 from which I can receive the Afro
Music Channel and the MGM Channel.
The yellow dish is aligned with NSS5
and lets me receive Malawi’s local pub-
lic TV channel: MBC TV. The red dish
is pointed to INTELSAT 7/10 at 68.5
east. From this satellite I can receive
the South African channels SABC 1, 2,
3 God Channel and a number of other
FTA channels.”
Henry uses three satellite receivers.
“My favorite channels are the SABC
channels and also CCTV News and
EBRU TV from EUTELSAT W4.” Natural-
ly, Henry would like to install more sat-
ellite antennas with larger diameters.
“I would love to be able to receive the
C-band but larger dishes are hard to
come by here.” Henry is already plan-
ning for the future: “As soon as licens-
es become available, I want to be able
to redistribute these TV channels.” He
is also planning to become a program-
ming provider himself: “I’m getting
ready to start my own TV and radio
channels: Youth Broadcasting Station
(Youth TV and Youth FM). I have nearly
the complete studio and transmission
equipment ready to go; the only thing
missing is the official broadcasting li-
Until that time comes, Henry keeps
himself happy with his colorful dishes
and the experience that he has thus
far gained: “I can find any satellite
within two minutes.”
Satellite DXer Henry
Kapitapita in his
shack. He uses three
satellite receivers.
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