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Years Ago
Satellite News 1983
German PTT started to plan for a German satellite system, called
"Deutsches Fernmedesatellite System DFSS".
Brazil plans to start two satellite in 1985. The TV transponders are
only planned for point-to-point transmissions to facilitate better
new coverage.
The Indian satellite INSAT 1A stopped working after only 6 months
in orbit. Preparations for INSAT 1B has been stalled.
Italy schedules its own DTH satellite for 1986, transmitting one
channel in Italian language and one international channel.
Luxemburg's project LUX-Sat continues its planning, despite
numerous financial hurdles.
Sweden's TELE-X satellite, to be positioned on 5East, will carry 5
channels, two for data transmissions and 3 for DTH. At the same
time the scandinavian project Nord-Sat has been given up.
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