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— 01-02/2013
DVB-T2 Receiver
DVB-T2 in an Elegant Package
The new HTA6 DVB-T re-
ceiver from Skyworth can
be found in a 19 x 11.5 x
4cm sized chassis made out
of glossy black plastic with
edges that are elegantly
rounded off. On the front
panel you’ll find a USB 2.0
interface, a slot for the in-
tegrated card reader as well
as three buttons (On/Off,
Ch+ and Ch-).
And it’s precisely this sim-
ple design that that we liked
so much; who really uses a
four-digit segmented dis-
play? Skyworth even came
up with an interesting so-
lution to display the opera-
tional state of the receiver:
An LED positioned behind
the On/Off button shines
green when the receiver is
operational and red when
it’s in standby.
At first glance the rear
panel of the HTA6 appears
somewhat limited yet it
does come with all the nec-
essary connections. And
these include a tuner input
with looped-through output,
an HDMI jack, three RCA
jacks for stereo audio and
CVBS video as well as a port
to plug in the external 12V
power supply.
Thanks to the fact that
Skyworth chose to use an
external power supply, the
receiver itself is not only
suitable for use while camp-
ing or even in a car, its heat
output it very low allowing it
to be easily placed in any TV
setup or in any living room
The remote control sup-
plied by the manufacturer
is nicely organized and easy
to read. The pressure points
of the buttons are relatively
comfortable; the buttons
themselves are rather small
but it won’t take long to
get used to them. Overall,
there’s nothing to complain
about with the workmanship
of the HTA6 – typical from
The Skyworth HTA6 be-
longs to that group of re-
ceivers that come with a
practical installation assis-
tant; it’s just another plus
point in our overall rating.
Before the user can put
the receiver to work, se-
lections need to be made
for OSD language, receiver
location, picture display as
well as voltage selection for
the antenna.
The submenu Picture Dis-
play includes 4:3 and 16:9
formats although the reso-
lution of the video signal via
HDMI cannot be changed
from here.
To finish off the initial in-
stallation, the user is asked
to perform an automatic
channel scan across the en-
tire frequency band. Here at
our test location in Vienna,
Austria, the HTA6 needed
three minutes to complete
this task and thereby man-
aged to find every available
channel in DVB-T as well as
the test channel in DVB-T2.
And just like in any of our
other tests, we couldn’t re-
sist taking a closer look at
the receiver’s main menu
before going on to actual TV
The Main Menu is divided
into seven submenus start-
ing with ‘Program’. Here the
user can set up the channel
list as desired; channels can
be deleted, moved, locked
with a PIN code, renamed
or skipped over. Channels
can also be moved into one
Skyworth HTA6
A solid receiver for HDTV
via a terrestrial
1...,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33 35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,...260