TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2013
Here the user can easily
switch between TV and ra-
dio reception using the left/
right arrow buttons on the
remote control. The FAV
button opens up a list con-
taining the channels that
were previously marked as
Favorites while the red func-
tion button lets you search
for specific channels.
In our tests the HTA6 was
easily able to handle any
of the received streams in
either DVB-T or DVB-T2. It
was also quite happy with
the H.264/MPEG-4 format
for optimal use of bandwidth
in DVB-T2.
As long as the program-
ming provider supplies EPG
data, it is shown by the
HTA6 in a clear and easy to
understand Info bar for the
current and upcoming pro-
grams with every channel
change. If more detailed in-
formation is needed, simply
press the ‘i’ button on the
remote control to access the
expanded EPG.
We also liked a particu-
lar feature of the Info bar
in which a row of dots indi-
cates graphically to the user
how long a program has
already run and how much
time is left for that program.
Even the Electronic Pro-
gram Guide (EPG) is a high-
light from Skyworth in that
it is presented in a clear
and organized fashion. It
is always displayed for one
channel and divided into two
sections. On the left side are
the individual programming
entries while on the right
16. Playback of an MOV Video
17. Playback of an MP4 Video in
HD quality
18. Playback of a TS video
19. Picture viewer
20. Thanks to the grid view,
multiple photos can be shown
side you’ll find the associ-
ated detailed information.
With the help of the color-
ed function buttons on the
remote control you can eas-
ily page through all of the
content. Timer entries can
also be set up in the EPG so
that you won’t have to worry
about missing your favorite
program; they can be stored
on an external storage de-
vice connected via the USB
2.0 port.
With the help of dedicated
buttons on the remote con-
trol for audio language and
subtitles, the associated
settings can be adjusted
while the receiver is in op-
eration. There’s also an in-
tegrated teletext decoder
and although the technol-
ogy is rather old, its pages
are still a popular source of
Did you ever get annoyed
at the occasional small size
of the subtitle text? Well,
Skyworth even thought of
this problem: the HTA6 has
the ability to change the
text size, text color and
background color of the
subtitles. We found that to
be extraordinary!
There are hardly any digi-
tal receivers out there today
that don’t come with multi-
media features and the Sky-
worth HTA6 with its USB 2.0
interface is no exception.
We appreciated all the dif-
ferent audio and video for-
mats that the HTA6 can han-
dle, specifically, AAC, M4A,
MP3 and WMA for audio as
well as AVCHD, DivX SD/HD,
Flash, MOV, MP4 SD/HD,
MPEG and TS for video.
This receiver not only lets
you enjoy music, but you
can also view the latest In-
ternet videos in full-screen
mode on your TV. At the
same time, a picture viewer
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