01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Antiference Wireless
HDMI Extender
Perfect solution for wireless HDTV in your
house or apartment
We’re all faced with a simi-
lar scenario: UHF modula-
tors, coax cables, RCA ca-
bles, analog transmitters and
so on are just some ways for
an average user to hook up
an additional TV in the bed-
room, terrace or garden to
an existing pay TV receiver,
DVD player, satellite receiver
or games console in the liv-
ing room.
The list could go on for-
ever, and every single option
comes with a major draw-
back – full HD transmission
with up to 1920x1080 pixels
is not possible without using
a cable-bound route. So up
until now pay TV providers
have been taking our money
every month, yet the only
place where we could actu-
ally enjoy their HDTV offer-
ing has been the living room.
While some providers offer
a second receiver and smart-
card for a single subscrip-
tion, this of course comes at
a price and further stretches
the family budget. It gets
even more complicated if we
decide to watch the latest
movie out in the garden on
a warm summer night, since
we also have to think about
signal distribution in the first
place. As long as we’re happy
with terrestrial TV this is a
problem that can easily be
solved, but what about satel-
lite TV? Do we really want to
roll out thick coax cables all
over the place?
Well, we don’t need to any
longer! This test report will
introduce you to the Wireless
HDMI Extender from Antifer-
When we first heard about
a new solution for wireless
transmission of 1080p sig-
nals we were a bit sceptical,
to put it mildly. Is current
consumer technology capa-
ble of such a highly loaded
mission at all? There was
only one way to find out – get
the system and give it a try!
HDMI Extender consists of
two modules, which take
care of transmission and re-
ception. As far as appearance
goes, they look like your av-
erage Ethernet switch. This is
hardly surprising given their
size, which is 148 x 98 x18
mm and thus could easily be
mistaken for a network hub.
In order to make sure the
integrated antennas of the
two modules can operate at
full capacity the manufac-
turer ships both devices with
supporting feet, which not
only take care of safely po-
sitioning the modules where
they are required, but also
optimise the transmission
and reception quality of the
overall system. Apart from all
this highly welcome function-
ality, we did appreciate the
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