Antiference Limited
Wireless HDMI Extender (5002JH)
Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver
Transmission Frequency
5.1 - 5.9 GHz
Frequency Stability
+/- 4 PPM
40 MHz
Transmission Power
>= 12dBm
Receiving Sensitivity
<= -75dBm
System Latency
<= 1ms
Sending/Receiving Channels
4 channels for sending, 1 channel for receiving
HD Video Protocol
HDMI 1.3
HD Video Encryption Protocol
HDCP 1.2
RF Communication System
Modulation Mode
Unobstructed Effective Range
>= 30m
Power Supply
148 x 97 x 18 mm
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 50°C
Operating Humidity
15% to 85% RH
Active Power
Apparent Power
13 W 7 W 0.53
no Signal at Sender
9 W 5 W 0.55
no Signal at Receiver 9.5 W 5.5 W 0.57
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Thomas Haring
Test Center
01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
technology used.
In our tests at different lo-
cations we achieved a maxi-
mum transmission distance
of 20 meters across thin
partition walls and just a lit-
tle over 12 meters when the
signal had to travel through
massive brick walls or rein-
forced concrete. In actual
fact, these results are more
than acceptable, but can only
be achieved if the transmit-
ting and receiving modules
are not physically blocked by
other items and if no other
devices emitting high elec-
tromagnetic radiation (such
as WiFi routers in the 5 GHz
range, for example) operate
in the immediate vicinity of
the modules.
Even when the receiving
module of the Wireless HDMI
Extender does not receive
a signal from the transmit-
ting module it still gives out
on-screen messages via its
HDMI port indicating poten-
tial problems. Once a con-
nection has been established
the signal strength is given
via HDMI.
In our test, however, this
signal indicator only showed
full strength or no signal, so
it was not possible to check
how the signal changed with
increased distance, for ex-
The manual of the Wireless
HDMI Extender comes with a
hint regarding a built-in range
extender function, which can
be activated by pressing the
button on the front panel of
both modules.
Naturally, we wanted to try
that out as well, but in our
test the range remained un-
changed no matter how of-
ten or how hard we pressed
those buttons. In addition,
the expected on-screen mes-
sage indicating the range
extender mode did not pop
up either. According to the
manual the increased range
comes at the cost of de-
creased video quality, which
was another thing we did not
The Wireless HDMI Extend-
er from British company An-
tiference is an innovative so-
lution we’ve been waiting for
for ages. At long last wireless
transmission of HDTV signals
for private use has become
Thanks to using 5 GHz
technology the system is
capable of transmitting high
data rates while at the same
time being reasonably inter-
ference-resistant, not least
due to MiMo and the ODFM
modulation standard used.
Very good transmission
and reception results can be
achieved with the Wireless
HDMI Extender, both indoors
and outdoors, and thanks to
loss-free digital transmission
the video quality is excellent
and just as sharp as with a
conventional connection us-
ing cables.
Active use of transmitting module during the first 15 minutes,
followed by 15 minutes measured at the transmitting module
without video input signal, and another 15 minutes measured at
the receiving module without video input. Power consumption of
the receiving module with video output corresponds to the values
measured at the transmitting end.
Perfect and loss-free signal transmission
within the distance specified by the manu-
facturer. Fit for future use thanks to 5 GHz
frequency range and ready to be used at any
location. The Wireless HDMI Extender is ext-
remely easy to set up and use and will add
some shine to any TV rack. With its support of
HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.2 it is compatible with all
HDMI devices and with the help of the integrated EDID proto-
col all connected devices can communicate with each other
to negotiate the best possible screen resolution. All this is
rounded off by a brilliant infrared receiver in the receiving
module which can be used to remotely control any receiver
with a conventional 38 kHz IR system in place.
No status LED to indicate power supply, no signal strength
indicator on the receiving module. The range extender mode
could not be activated. The on-screen signal strength display
does not give out meaningful values.
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