01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Windows Media Center
1. Installing the driver is straight forward…
2. After finishing the driver installation without a reboot, the Device Man-
ager lists TBS 6618 as a BDA tuner.
3. Even the start screen of Windows Media Center looks impressive.
4. The user is guided smoothly through all configuration steps.
5. First attempt at configuring the DVB-C card and start a channel scan.
6. But at the end, no channels were found!
7. In a second attempt we chose the post code of the nearest big city and
this time we could chose from different cable TV providers.
8. We did another channel scan, which again took almost 15 minutes to
complete, only to find out that no channels were found. What was wrong?
WMC does not support DVB-C outside the USA properly, so DVBLink fills
the niche and provides a virtual DVB-S card for WMC.
9. Drivers for the virtual card are installed automatically.
10. The DVBLink server needs to be configured. This software does not
only make WMC work with DVB-C cards. It actually can do much more
and acts like a streaming server for many different devices or applica-
11. DVBLink provides many pre-defined frequency lists for DVB-C.
12. The channel scan worked immediately.
13. Despite wanting to configure our DVB-C device, we had to tell WMC
that a DVB-S tuner is to be configured. Strange.
14. All four virtual DVBLink tuners appear.
15. Because we are actually using DVB-C, it does not matter what satellite
is chosen.
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