01-02/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
grated MPEG-2/MPEG-4 de-
coder can even provide the
selected channel as HDMI,
SDI or CVBS. This is also the
channel that can be viewed
on the built-in mini moni-
tor, which means the NDS
can at the same time pro-
vide analog video signals for
CATV, for example.
The fact that the NDS3975
does not only come with
two CI slots for conditional
access modules but also
sports an integrated BISS
decoder goes to show that
the manufacturer Dexing
has tried to really meet all
customer demands. BISS is
short for Basic Interoper-
able Scrambling System and
was defined by the European
Broadcasting Union in order
to allow encryption for occa-
sional transmissions (feeds,
etc.) without having to deal
with all the obligations im-
posed by proprietary solu-
tions like PowerVu, for ex-
ample, which would cause
incompatibilities on too
many levels. BISS is an open
platform which can easily
be implemented by manu-
facturers without any has-
sles. As far as broadcasting
companies are concerned,
BISS offers the benefit of
adding encryption to sports
feeds without incurring ad-
ditional costs. The transmit-
ting and the receiving end
Of course the NDS3795
features a re-multiplexer
which can be set up to re-
bundle channels of the three
received transport stream
into a new transport stream
without any limitations
whatsoever (‘muxing’). The
newly multiplexed stream is
then made available via the
two ASI outputs as well as
through the network inter-
face for further processing.
Illustration 2 gives an ex-
ample of how a typical cable
head-end could look like.
Simultaneously, the trans-
port stream of the tuner is
available via two additional
ASI outputs, and the inte-
Illustration 1: Versatility
of IRDs
Illustration 2: Example
for using the NDS3975 in
a network
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