TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 01-02/2013
es to light up. No troubles
caused, no tricks required
– that’s what we like about
this IRD.
There’s one more thing
that deserves special praise:
Whenever video cannot be
put out due to faulty recep-
tion, for instance, there is
only a short alert message
indicating the signal failure.
After that, the screen simply
remains dark. We believe
this is a very smart solution,
since end users do not need
to know the precise cause of
a problem. After all, would
you want “Bad reception –
please tune your dish” to
pop up on the TV sets of your
cable TV customers? A blank
screen is much less embar-
rassing, don’t you think?
So does all this mean
we could not even find the
slightest fault with this prod-
uct? Well, the receiver we
were sent for testing came
without a user manual. But
then again, we found out
right away how to use the
IRD and hardly ever noticed
that the manual was miss-
ing. This in itself speaks
volumes about the user con-
cept of the NDS3975, which
is self-explanatory like only
few other products we had
tested before. And in case
you didn’t know: The iP-
hone doesn’t come with a
manual either. We had a to-
tal of three weeks to check
out every nook and cranny
of the NDS3975 while it was
running without interrup-
tion. Were we faced with
any technical problems or
Far from it! This is all the
more impressive, since our
tests place the highest of de-
mands on all devices and we
usually don’t give up until we
detect a flaw. The NDS3975
got the better of us, which
means we can only congrat-
ulate Dexing on a top-quality
product. The IRD NDS3975
is top-notch product in a
league of its own. Not only
is it a professional receiver,
but an integrated device
combining tuner, ASI and
IP into an excellent pack-
age complete with re-mul-
tiplexer. Add to that a high-
performance demodulator
capable of giving out video
as HDMI, component video
or composite video and you
end up with a state-of-the-
art offering. With the option
of re-multiplexing the trans-
port streams right within the
system it can do away with
or at least reduce the num-
ber of required standalone
multiplexers, depending on
the field of application.
Thanks to its wide range
of features and functions the
NDS3975 is fit for the future
as it can always be adapted
to new or enhanced require-
ments. When they go out to
buy a professional receiver
these days many people are
worried their purchase may
turn into a waste of money
as soon as some framework
conditions change. Owners
of the MNDS3975 need not
have such worries, since all
their product will require is
an updated configuration
to stay ahead of the pack.
Conventional tuners, on the
other hand, more often than
not must be replaced by a
new model.
In our final verdict we
can whole-heartedly rec-
ommend the IRD NDS3975
without any restrictions.
Never before has a similarly
robust, versatile and fasci-
nating professional receiver
made its way to one of our
test centers. The icing on
the cake is provided by the
mini screen on the front
panel, which had us wonder
why something useful like
this has not been available
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