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— 01-02/2013
Solid Performance
Twin LNB
One of the
sample LNBs
during the test
Jiuzhou JTU41
Solidly designed LNB
giving a very strong
signal level
Jiuzhou offers a wide
range of LNBs that suit the
needs of almost any user.
Our regular readers can re-
member a number of test
reports dedicated to Jiuzhou
products. What is so special
about this company: they do
not over specify their prod-
ucts. For example, they do
not claim their LNBs have a
noise figure of 0.2 dB or even
0.1 dB as so many other
competitors do. They prom-
ise just 0.6 dB. Some casual
customers (and we do not
want to call them “naïve”)
may think that Jiuzhou prod-
ucts are second class LNBs.
Far from it! In our previous
tests we discovered that the
performance of Jiuzhou 0.6
dB devices matches quite
well, if not beat, the 0.2 dB
LNBs of some other manu-
facturers. Now we wanted
to find out: is that also the
case with their new Twin LNB
To be quite certain about
their performance we did
not measure just one but
two samples of the JTU41
model. The external design
of JTU41 is classic. This is
the shape we are accus-
tomed to when dealing with
universal twin LNB for Ku
Band with a 40 mm collar. It
has two F type connectors
which can be covered with
a sliding bottom part of the
plastic enclosure. Thanks
to that they will not be ex-
posed to rain and snow and
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