TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2013
• RS-232: The DSO201 can also be
used to display the RS-232 signals,
that is, the serial interface communi-
cations. It’s not possible to log or in-
terpret these signals but you will be
able to recognize, just like with DiSEqC
commands, that data bits are being
sent or received. And with a little prac-
tice, the baud rate can be identified.
We recommend preparing an extra
adapter with which the RX and TX data
lines can be more easily probed since
it would be very hard to get to the cor-
responding pins of the interface.
• Video-Signal: The best way to
check a composite video signal is with
a TV but a picture doesn’t always make
it to the TV screen. There could be a
fault with the receiver or with the TV,
or the problem could be with the cable.
If you as an installer don’t have a sub-
stitute at hand, the DSO201 can help.
It can present the TV picture lines that
are easy to recognize based on the
blanking intervals. Not much practice
is needed to determine if a video sig-
The DSO201 can easily be
used on all the different receiver
outputs to determine if a signal
is present without the need of
cables or monitors.
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