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— 03-04/2013
QingZhang Lin is
SAT-LINK’s General
only one product
group: digital
signal analyzers
Digital Meter Manufacturer SAT-LINK, Quanzhou, China
If you do only one thing, you can fully
focus on that one thing. This is Qing-
Zhang Lin’s philosophy. He is General
Manager of the five-year young compa-
ny SAT-LINK. “We only produce digital
signal analyzers”, confirms QingZhang
Lin, “and are exclusively involved in the
export market.”
The company was founded only five
years ago in 2008 with 20 R&D em-
ployees and 200 production employees.
Five years later it has grown to 30 R&D
engineers and 250 production employ-
SAT-LINK’s headquarters are located
in Quanzhou’s High Tech Park in the
Fujian province in southeastern China
directly across from Taiwan. The pro-
duction facilities with the latest SMT
machines are in the Luojiang suburb
northeast of the seven-million-inhabit-
ant city of Quanzhou.
Since SAT-LINK only exports their
products, we wanted to know where
they all go. General Manager QingZhang
Lin lists for us all the different regions:
“60% of our production is shipped to
Europe, 20% travels to the Middle East,
10% goes to North America and the rest
are shipped to the remaining regions.”
SAT-LINK has expanded its product
range so that four different classes are
covered. The top-end and thus most
expensive signal analyzer comes with
the largest display and an illuminated
keyboard. One of the analyzers in this
series, the combo SAT-LINK model WS-
6936 for DVB-S and DVB-T, was already
introduced by us in the 11-12/2012 is-
sue. Business Manager Nancy tells us
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