TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2013
1. Project Manager GuiHuang Huang
presents SAT-LINK’s high-end success
model. This analyzer is available in various
versions and will shortly also be available
as a combo unit with DVB-S2 and DVB-T2
as well as a very fast spectrum display.
that this analyzer series is very popular
in Europe.
The next class of analyzers are those
with smaller displays and non-illuminat-
ed keyboards. “These analyzers are es-
pecially popular in the Middle East.”
There are also two brand new Satel-
lite Finder product lines: one of these
handy models even has a camera input.
“This is actually in high demand in the
Middle East since many people there
have installed security cameras. They
can use this new signal analyzer to very
easily check the function of these cam-
eras.” This new satellite signal analyzer
with camera input even comes with a
12V output to supply power to the se-
curity camera.
And as if that weren’t enough, SAT-
LINK also offers a simple Satellite Finder
with a display that only shows reception
parameters and therefore can be of-
fered very inexpensively. “This instru-
ment is, for example, very well-suited
for South America”, Business Manager
Nancy tells us.
And with that, SAT-LINK covers the
four most important functions and pric-
ing levels and can therefore offer these
devices to all the regions of the world.
All of the signal analyzers also come
with DVB-S2 tuners and the terrestrial
versions and combo models come with
not only DVB-T/T2 but will soon also be
available with ATSC (for North Ameri-
ca) and then in the following year with
ISDB-TB for the South American mar-
ket. “We’re in the process of expanding
our activities in the Americas”, reveals
General Manager QingZhang Lin, “and
we will also have a greater presence at
trade shows in that area.”
While SAT-LINK in their first year was
only able to sell about 10,000 pieces,
five years later those production num-
bers have nearly quintupled. And it’s
especially their brand new combo mod-
el for DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 that prom-
ises to be quite a success for SAT-LINK.
Since many of the countries in Europe
and Africa are quickly switching over to
2. Nancy is Business Manager and is
always on the telephone taking orders
from customers from all over the world.
When she’s not at SAT-LINK’s headquarters
talking with customers on the phone, she’s
traveling all over the world visiting them.
3. R&D Manager Han Guang Rong
is responsible for the function and
development of the signal analyzers. He
checks the function of SAT-LINK’s devices
with oscilloscopes and other professional
test equipment.
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