TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2013
Test report of the SAT-LINK combo model WS-6936 for DVB-S
and DVB-T in the 11-12/2012 issue
DVB-T2, demand for exactly this type
of model is increasing dramatically.
“Our newest signal analyzer also oper-
ates with a very fast spectrum display”,
remarks Project Manager GuiHuang
Huang, who plans the technical features
of their models. “Aside from that, our
models also come with an HDMI out-
put”, he adds, showing how universally
capable SAT-LINK’s signal analyzers
can be.
By focusing on the digital signal an-
alyzer product group, SAT-LINK has
managed to thoroughly penetrate the
market in just the few years since its
founding. By skillfully splitting the ana-
lyzers into four different classes, SAT-
LINK can offer the right device for every
market. And by constantly updating the
compatible standards, SAT-LINK’s sig-
nal analyzers are perfectly suited for
each market.
1. New from SAT-LINK: the
company’s first Satellite
Finder and thus their most
inexpensive product class.
It’s available for DVB-S
and DVB-S2.
2. This analyzer is
also new; it even has a
dedicated camera input so
that security cameras can
be tested. These analyzers
are especially popular in
regions where security
cameras are standard.
These signal analyzers are
also available in DVB-S
and DVB-S2 versions.
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