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— 03-04/2013
DTMB Receiver
Tsinghwa GT-278
Rock solid receiver with
excellent responsiveness
DTMB Receiver
with Excellent Software
As soon as we had un-
packed the new Tsinghwa
GT-278 we were met with
its classic yet elegant ap-
pearance. The front panel is
characterised by an easy-to
read segment display, sta-
tus LED as well as a total
of six buttons for operating
the receiver whenever the
remote control is misplaced
or its batteries are empty.
In standby mode the seg-
ment display shows the
current time, and when the
receiver is turned on you
can either see the channel
number or information on
the current operating mode
(recording, playback, etc.).
A USB 2.0 port is also
available on the front pan-
el, and you can imagine
that this was one feature
we were immediately tak-
en too. Yes, you guessed
it: The GT-278 can also be
used as a fully-fledged PVR!
Moving on to the back
panel, we find the tuner
input complete with loop-
through output using RF
sockets, an HDMI port, six
RCA jacks for YUV, stereo
audio and CVBS, a coax
output for digital audio and
a mechanical power switch
to disconnect the receiver
from the mains supply.
The receiver measures 26
x 20 x 4.5 cm, which puts it
right in the midsize range,
so to speak. The remote
control that comes with
the set-top box sits nicely
in your hand and sports a
convenient layout as well as
pleasant surface materials.
All buttons are easy to
reach and are arranged in
a way that makes for a very
straightforward user expe-
rience. In summary, the de-
sign and build quality of this
product left us with a very
good first impression.
When the receiver is
switched on for the first
time a dedicated menu is
activated that is used to
select the desired OSD lan-
guage and the current loca-
tion. It is here that an initial
automatic channel search
can be launched as well.
As far as the location set-
tings are concerned, users
are left with only two op-
tions: Mainland China or
Hong Kong. The channel
search that follows com-
pletes the basic setup and
1...,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,...228