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— 03-04/2013
Jose Marcos
Freire Martins
is one of the
founders of Tecsys
and is CEO of the
With a new SMD line that has been
in operation since June 2012, the Bra-
zilian manufacturer Tecsys can further
increase their quality and improve their
reaction time to incoming orders. Tec-
sys produces everything themselves.
Tecsys was founded in 2000 by three
partners who were all involved for
many years in the TV reception indus-
try. Today the three founders wear dif-
ferent hats at Tecsys: CEO is Jose Mar-
cos Freire Martins, CCO is Jorge Alberto
Ganuza and CTO is Rodolfo Vidal. CEO
Jose Marcos Freire Martins explains to
us how it all started: “Tecsys began as
a manufacturer of SMATV products. We
had seven employees and produced,
Jorge Alberto
Ganuza is also
one of the three
founders and is
for example, head ends.” The company
grew very quickly. “Today we have 97
employees of which 28 of them are en-
Tecsys produces everything that can
be found in head ends, from IRDs (the
company’s success product) to modula-
tors and decoders. Tecsys ships primar-
ily to the domestic Brazilian market;
many of the larger TV organizations
utilize Tecsys products. Business is so
good that, according to CCO Jorge Al-
berto Ganuza, Tecsys is planning on
moving into a much larger building.
A highlight at Tecsys is their SMD line.
This work was previously outsourced to
another company but by installing their
own production line, Tecsys is now not
only much more flexible when it comes
to the customer’s requirements, but
they can also react more quickly to
changes in their own products. The en-
tire production operation at Tecsys is
Professional Equipment Manufacturer Tecsys, Brazil
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