03-04/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. Bruno Renato is responsible for incoming inspection. All
deliveries are sorted into three categories and color coded:
red is for products that don’t meet the requirements, yellow (as
shown in the picture) is for those products that still need to be
checked and green indicates that the products can be released
to the stockroom.
2. Warehouse Supervisor is Helbert Lopes Silva. He shows us
how the system functions: “Each delivery has its own barcode
3. A look in the stockroom with the rolls of surface mount
components for the SMD machine.
4. All products are given a code that identifies its location in
the stockroom. This makes it easy to find a missing production
5. Rodrigo Rosa is the SMD machine technician. He explains to
us the production process with the SMD machine.
6. The empty circuit boards are fed into the machine.
7. Components are now placed on the board.
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