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— 03-04/2013
Yongjun Zhang is the Android
Product Manager. He’s familiar
with all the advantages and
disadvantages of this operating
Will Android become the
operating system of the future?
With an enormous R&D department,
Jiuzhou has become one of the trailblaz-
ers of large receiver manufacturers for
satellite, terrestrial TV and cable recep-
tion. Quite a few different operating
systems can be found in these receivers
but there’s one operating system that
everyone has been talking about for the
past several years: the Android system.
Here at TELE-audiovision we also have
been expecting that more and more
receivers would appear on the market
with this operating system, yet that
hasn’t really happened. We introduced
one of the first boxes, a DVB-T receiver
- the DTP2100 from Jiuzhou, back in our
11-12/2012 issue. So, is the expected
Android receiver boom now going to get
off the ground?
Who better to answer this question
than the Android receiver Product Man-
ager at Jiuzhou, Yongjun Zhang, who
currently is developing Android prod-
In the 11-12/2012 issue we introduced the new Jiuzhou receiver
DTP2100, one of the first receivers based on the Android operating
Android R&D
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