Denver, Colorado
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— 03-04/2013
Michael Kilgore, Denver, USA
The North
Satellite List
Most of the TV channels that can be received
in North America via satellite come from one
of the large satellite PayTV providers. In other
words, the only way to receive them is to sub-
scribe to the service with which you also get
the required receiver. The actual installation
of the system is handled by contractors to the
PayTV provider and, as you would expect, the
antenna points to one or more of the satellites
from the PayTV provider.
If you want to watch free TV, you first have
to figure out what satellites carry FTA (free-to-
air) channels. This is exactly the situation that
faced Michael Kilgore back in 2003 when he
erected his first satellite system. “I installed a
small dish and pointed it to GALAXY 10R.”
It didn’t take him long to realize that other
satellites also carried FTA channels so in 2004
he installed a second dish with a DiSEqC mo-
tor. “There were more channels up there than
I thought and I began to wonder why there
wasn’t a more consolidated list of information
available on the Internet.”
This led to the birth of the website www.
ftalist.com that Michael started in December
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