TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2013
1. Michael uses a robust STAB
motor to move his 1.2-meter dish.
2. Michael installed his very first
dish beyond his backyard fence
but still within his property lines.
“The mast is set in a large flower
pot that I buried in the ground.”
It’s a smart way to avoid pouring
cement directly into the ground.
of 2004. On this website he lists all
the FTA channels receivable in North
America. “The user can sort by lan-
guage (English, Spanish and others)
and will then be provided with a list
of the currently active channels along
with all the necessary technical data.”
Since then the list has become the
standard source of free TV recep-
tion via satellite in the USA. In May of
2006 he expanded has Internet pres-
ence with the website
com on which he comments on all the
new things happening in the satellite
scene. “Recently interest has moved
more and more to Internet and IPTV”,
noticed Michael. He also provides de-
tailed blogs on the two electronics
trade shows CES and NAB that take
place in Las Vegas every year.
Michael is so occupied with IPTV
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