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— 03-04/2013
Small and Very Practical
DVB-S2 Signal Analyzer
The Horizon Nano-S2 is a
very special device! It’s a
signal analyzer that a) truly
focuses on the essentials
and b) is incredibly easy to
use. We introduced the pre-
vious model, the NanoSat
for DVB-S measurements, in
TELE-satellite 12-01/2010.
The Nano-S2 is designed for
Because of the lack of a
power supply (there’s no
rechargeable battery and
no power cord), it weighs a
mere 250 grams (just over
½ pound). The Nano-S2
feels small and comes with
an LCD display that is mere-
ly 5.5 x 3 cm (128 x 64 pix-
els) in size. The display can
easily be seen even in direct
sunlight and it also comes
with background illumina-
There’s only one button
on the top side along with
a USB port and two “F”
jacks to connect the Nano-
S2 to the reception system.
Naturally, we here in the
test center wondered if it
would have made sense to
include more buttons and
additional connections. The
obvious answer to this ques-
tion turned out to be ‘no’.
The Nano-S2 along with its
logical operational struc-
ture and its powerful tuner
is perfectly equipped for
the speedy installation of a
satellite system. It actually
is easier to use for daily an-
tenna installations!
The question remains
then, how does the Nano-
S2 get its power when there
are no power connections at
all? Horizon answered this
question very ingeniously in
that the analyzer very sim-
ply draws on the satellite
receiver or the active mul-
What might sound com-
plicated at first is in reality
quite simple: a satellite sys-
tem is always put together
in such a way that a coaxial
cable runs from the receiver
or a multiswitch to the LNB.
This cable carries the se-
lected polarization voltage
(13V or 18V) to the LNB.
This cable is therefore con-
nected to the right-side “F”
connector of the Nano-S2
thereby receiving the re-
quired voltage. The second
“F” jack is connected to the
LNB using the included coax
cable. This guarantees that
on the one hand the analyz-
er can directly process the
LNB signals and on the other
hand the analyzer gets the
power it needs.
Also included in the pack-
age by Horizon is a protec-
tive cover as well as a USB
cable to program the ana-
lyzer’s internal memory. A
carrying strap to make it
easier to work with the Na-
no-S2 rounds out the includ-
ed accessories. For those in-
stances when a receiver or
Very easy to use signal analyzer for quick
installation of satellite antennas for HDTV
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