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— 03-04/2013
1. The Horizon Nano-S2 in programming mode
2. The selected satellite is shown in the upper left, underneath is
the RF level. The antenna is moved until the analyzer recognizes
the satellite
3. Once the desired satellite has been found, the MER for fine-
tuning appears alongside the RF level
4. In just a short time we located HISPASAT 30.0° West from our
location with our 90 cm antenna
5. THOR-5 0.8° West
6. EUTELSAT-16A 16° East
7. HOTBIRD 13° East
8. EUTELSAT-9A 9° East
9. The Nano-S2 is recognized by Windows as a serial port in Device
10. With the help of a small tool new firmware and satellite lists can
be uploaded to the Nano-S2
11. The download only takes a few seconds
multiswitch is not available
to supply power and the an-
alyzer still needs to be used,
Horizon also provides a bat-
tery case that can hold a to-
tal of 10 AA 1.5V batteries
that could then be connect-
ed to the input “F” connec-
tor to supply the necessary
power to the analyzer.
As soon as the cabling
is correctly taken care of,
simply pushing and holding
down the large button on
the top side of the Nano-S2
is all that’s needed to turn
it on. Next the same button
is pressed again, only this
time it’s pressed momen-
tarily to select the desired
satellite from the prepro-
grammed list. These lists
consist of up to four satel-
lite entries and are available
for download from Horizon’s
com) for different regions
of the world. We’ll explain
how this works shortly, but
for now it’s time to test its
reception capabilities.
The preprogrammed sat-
ellite list in our test Nano-S2
encompassed two positions
for ASTRA 28.2° east (for
ASTRA 1N and for ASTRA
2B), HOTBIRD 13° east as
well as ASTRA 1 19.2° east.
We connected the nano-S2
to our antenna on the roof
and loosened the mounting
Once the desired satellite
was selected on the ana-
lyzer’s display, in our case
it was HOTBIRD at 13° east,
we started aligning the an-
tenna. First the antenna
was pointed exactly south;
for our location that roughly
represents the 16° east po-
sition. To find your local co-
ordinates you can either use
a device with a GPS receiver
(SmartPhone, etc.) or you
can have a look at the nu-
merous lists available on the
Internet and search for your
1...,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27 29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,...228