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Dear Readers,
Today I want to tell you what my dream receiver would look
like. Will it stay a dream or will my dream come true some
day? Judge for yourself: my dream receiver would resemble
a Phablet, that is an in-between a Smartphone and a Tablet.
It would receive satellite signals wirelessly from a satellite
dish using a wireless LNB. My dream receiver would receive
terrestrial signals from an antenna that would also transfer the
signals wirelessly.
I wouldn’t need a cable connection and I would watch all my
WebTV channels through Internet access that I would get from
my dream receiver via a built-in 4G/LTE reception module.
And where will I watch all of these channels? When I’m traveling,
it would be directly on my Phablet receiver; when I’m home or
when I have access to a big-screen TV, then my dream receiver
would send those signals via wireless HDMI. Of course, my
dream receiver would also utilize wireless speakers.
As soon as my dream receiver is linked with a big-screen TV,
the display on my tablet would become a remote control. And,
naturally, my dream receiver would be able to stream the TV
channels to my Smartphone. And when I’m away from home, I’ll
access my wirelessly connected satellite system and terrestrial
antenna via the Internet and watch TV from home wherever I
happen to be in the world – it would be just like being at home.
Now you might be asking yourself, what exactly in my dream
receiver is actually a dream? All of these technologies exist
already. So what’s the problem with finally manufacturing my
dream receiver?
The answer to this question would be interesting to find out; I
don’t know the answer. End users simply don’t want to lay cable
anymore; this can clearly be seen in the success of Smartphones
and Tablets and the recently launched Phablets. What’s missing
are the matching wireless components that would let you enjoy
a complete selection of TV channels regardless of where you
Maybe I won’t have to dream too much longer; maybe my
dream receiver is already being developed. I can’t wait!
Hoping my dreams come true,
Alexander Wiese
Editor-in-Chief TELE-audiovision International
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