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— 03-04/2013
coordinates there. We rec-
A look at the Nano-S2 re-
veals an RF value display
(signal level) in dBµV. Now
adjust the elevation of the
antenna, that is, adjust the
antenna up or down, un-
til the highest signal level
is reached on the display.
Next adjust the antenna in
the azimuth direction, left
or right, until the desired
satellite has been found.
Keep in mind though, that
if the desired satellite is lo-
cated a fair distance away
from the southern point (in
the southern hemisphere
it would be the northern
point), the eleva-
tion of the anten-
na would need to
be readjusted.
You’ll see how
much better the
RF signal level will
then be.
Once the Nano-S2 has
identified the desired
satellite, the message
in the display, an
acoustical tone ac-
tivates and a sec-
ond bar graph for
the MER (in dB) appears. To
put it in simpler terms, the
RF bar graph represents the
signal level while the MER
(Modulation Error Rate) rep-
resents the signal quality.
Now simply finely adjust
the antenna position in all
four directions until the RF
level and MER are at their
maximum levels. Slowly
tighten the mounting screws
on the antenna. Lastly, it’s
recommended to adjust the
skew angle (the rotation
of the LNB). For each posi-
tion that is to be received,
the LNB should be rotated
clockwise or counterclock-
wise. The Nano-S2 can once
again be helpful here: the
LNB is rotated until the RF
level and MER are at new
In just a very short time
we managed to perfectly
align our 90 cm antenna
first to HOTBIRD 13° east,
then to TURKSAT 42° east,
HISPASAT 30° west, THOR 5
0.8° west, EUTELSAT-5A 5°
west, EUTELSAT-8A 8° west
as well as EUTELSAT-12A
12.5° west. Additional con-
trol measurements using a
professional signal analyzer
confirmed the outstand-
1. EUTELSAT 5A 5° West
2. Comparison measurement of
3. EUTELSAT-8A 8° West (DVB-S2)
4. Comparison measurement of
EUTELSAT-8A 8° West (DVB-S2)
5. TURKSAT 42° East
6. Comparison measurement
of TURKSAT 42° East
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