03-04/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
figured settings for the vari-
ous TV applications so that
nearly all common programs
are perfectly harmonized
with the remote control with-
out the need to do anything
else. We liked this concept
since we’ve already often ex-
perienced problems with the
common LIRC.
There are two TV applica-
tions on the mini CD that are
available for installation: TBS
Viewer and DVB Dream. The
TBS Viewer is actually an OEM
version of the DVB Viewer. Its
functional capability is some-
what limited compared to the
Instead we tested the TBS
6991 with ProgDVB and with
the full version of DVBViewer.
The TBS 6991 worked very
nicely with all of the tested
TV applications and even
functions such as DiSEqC 1.2,
which can bring some other
cards to its knees, did not
produce any problems.
If you’re in the market for a
Twin Tuner satellite card for a
PC, the TBS 6991 would be a
good choice. It is compatible
with all of the more common
software programs, has an
excellent remote control and
with the two CI slots you can
The TBS 6991 with TBS Viewer
tions for communicating with
the CAMs and the inserted
Smartcards, this task is han-
dled by the TBS MCE CI Tool
that runs in its own window.
All of our CAMs were correct-
ly recognized although, as
expected, the HD+ CAM did
not do its job since we’re not
dealing here with a certified
CI receiver.
WMC can be described in
just a few words: it works and
it’s intuitive. All functions are
supported and especially the
EPG, Timeshift and Record-
ing functions are nicely im-
plemented. This is obviously
not the design of a single pro-
grammer, rather it’s the work
of an entire design team.
As we have come to ex-
pect from TBS, the included
remote control is integrated
with its own software that
translates the remote into
keyboard buttons. The TB-
SVHID tool contains precon-
full version of the DVB View-
er and comes with a slightly
altered user interface that
carries the TBS logo. Never-
theless, this software is very
good for watching TV.
DVB Dream is installed as
a Demo version. Compared
to the full version, quite a few
functions are missing in the
Demo version so we decided
not to look at it any further.
watch PayTV channels even
through the Windows Media
Center as long as you use an
appropriate CAM and Smart-
card. We were even able to
operate two different TV ap-
plications at the same time
by simply configuring the two
tuners properly.
For us though, using this
card to merely watch TV
would have been shame-
a transponder.
A special application is
available on the included mini
CD that will allow the CAMs
and associated Smartcards
inserted in the CI slots to also
be used under WMC. Since
the WMC has no special func-
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