03-04/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
He then posts the results in
the appropriate forums hop-
ing that he was the first to do
And then after a few min-
utes the feed is gone. But
look at that, right after that
a new feed appears, this time
on 11.93 GHz. A nice DVB-S2
signal with unusual recep-
tion parameters: SR 7119
Ks/sec, FEC 2/3 with DVB-S2
with 8PSK. The MPEG-4 video
signal in Planar 4:2:0 YUV is
coded in H.264 with 1920x
1080 pixels.
Welcome to the world of
the feedhunter!
and audio-PID’s to VLC, which
will show the live video.
6. After the end oft he first
feed, a new feed is transmit-
ted with slightly different
parameters. The sport event
goes on, now with a different
7. By the way: the feed is
broadcasted in FTA DVB-S2,
best resolution possible. But
the best of it all: no broad-
casting logos, textboxes,
nothing! Just the plain video!
8. Result of the full blindscan.
All reception-parameters
are written on the respective
1. Finished scan using CrazyScan. Blue is horizontal,
red is vertical polarisation – too much information, so
we turn off the vertical polarisation fort he next step.
2. Just viewing the horizontal polarisation. Notice the
small transponder close to 11.200 MHz: small but with
perfect shape! Could that be a transponder carrying a
feed? Let’s find out by double-clicking on its centre.
3. CrazyScan will determine all tuning parameters auto-
matically and show the constellation diagram. Indeed it
looks very promising, so let’s click the DVB-button to
send the streamt o TSReader.
4. TSReader shows the content oft he Transport Stream
(TS) and even shows a preview-picture of the video
5. Double-Clicking on the image will stream the video-
1...,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48 50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,...228