Global Invacom Ltd., Great Britain
GISplit16pro and GISplit32pro
16 way and 32 way optical splitters
CR typ.
6.25% and 3.125 % respectively
Insertion loss typ.
13.3 dB and 16.8 dB respectively
Jacek Pawlowski
Test Center
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03-04/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Very small insertion loss, close to theoretical
Absolutely noiseless, what allows you to build
systems with a large number of outputs driven
from a single optical LNB
It seems to us that the manufacturer could
improve a bit the mechanical design of the
devices to make the installation on the wall
more convenient
Expert Opinion
system in case of the GISplit-
32pro. Evidently, we were
working with very good sig-
nals with so small amount of
noise that it was comparable
with the noise threshold of
our signal analyzer. This last
test was a crowning evidence
that the whole optical system
is almost noiseless and signal
quality does not suffer at all.
And how much splitting can
you get in real life? Well, the
optical LNB by GlobalInvacom
generates about 7 dBm of op-
tical power. The GISplit32pro
has a specified insertion loss
of 16.8. This means that at
its output we can expect -9.8
dBm. And the light-to-RF con-
verter that we used in our
test (GTU QUAD) is speci-
fied for -15 through 0 dBm.
It means that we still have a
5 dB margin. Enough to use
2-way optical splitter at every
one of 32 outputs of GISPlit-
32pro to get more than 50
optical outputs in total. The
theoretical limit would be 64
outputs, but it is recommend-
ed to leave sufficient margin
to allow for ageing of the la-
ser and the odd output going
to maximum loss.
Both GISplit16pro and
GISplit32pro are really excel-
lent building blocks you can
rely on when building fiber
optics distribution systems.
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