03-04/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. Installation wizard of the
2. Automatic channel search
3. Channel list
4. The recording time can be
extended with a double click on
the Record button.
5. Two channels can be
recorded simultaneously
nels (as opposed to DVB-S or
DVB-C) you won’t make use of
the channel list management
options too frequently, but it’s
still good to know that all usual
jobs such as deleting, mov-
ing, renaming or PIN-locking
individual channels can be ac-
complished easily. In addition,
a total of eight favourites lists
can be set up und filled with
Incidentally, Panodic has
opted to split up the overall
channel list into TV and radio
sections, which additionally
enhances the overall user ex-
perience. Thanks to the colour-
coded buttons on the remote
control it is child’s play to cre-
ate a tailor-made channel list
since each function can be
called up with a single touch of
a button.
In case the channel offering
at a specific location chang-
es users can keep up to date
with an automatic or manual
channel search, both of which
can be accessed in the ‘Chan-
nel Scan’ section of the main
If you opt for a manual
search it is possible to enter a
frequency or a channel num-
ber of the UHF or VHF bands.
Two bars on the bottom of
the screen indicate right away
whether or not the entered
values correspond to an active
We also appreciated the op-
tion to restrict the automatic
search to free-to-air channels.
This way the channel list will
only include channels that can
actually be watched without
any pay TV subscription.
In the Setup section of the
menu you’ll find all basic ad-
justment options to get the
receiver running, including
video resolution, region, OSD
language and aspect ratio. So
any time you need to make
some changes after having
run through the initial installa-
tion wizard this is the place to
go. In addition, it is here that
you can set up your preferred
language for audio, subtitles or
teletext, as well as duration of
on-screen inserts and the in-
ternal clock. You may set the
time manually or you can fall
back on the time signal trans-
mitted with the DVB standard.
Based on a number of pre-
defined time zones the differ-
ence between GMT and your
local time can easily be set,
since the receiver lists a num-
ber of major cities in each time
zone on the bottom of the
screen, which should help you
select the correct one.
Being a fully-fledged PVR
receiver the HDT-275C comes
with a total of eight timer slots
which can be set individually.
Events can be marked for daily,
weekly or monthly recording,
which means you should never
miss an episode of your favour-
ite drama or sitcom show. We
also appreciated all adjustment
options regarding contrast,
colour saturation, sharpness
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