TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2013
ered in everyday use and which
deserves special praise is that
several dedicated function keys
on the remote are available to
directly access features such
as favourites, audio language,
video resolution, teletext or
content available from an ex-
ternal storage medium. This
is a genuine time-saver, as it
means you don’t have to work
yourself through various sub-
menus in order to find what
you’re looking for.
And while we’re at it, we
found it peculiar that the but-
tons for audio, teletext, etc. are
positioned in the lower section
of the remote control, while the
subtitles button is right in the
top line of keys, next to info
and mute.
As soon as an external stor-
age medium (USB harddisk,
USB memory stick, etc.) is at-
tached to the HDT-275C the re-
ceiver miraculously turns into
a fully-fledged PVR receiver
and offers all functions and
features required for record-
ing and playing back content.
Two recordings can take place
simultaneously while a third
11. Language selection
12. Video output options
13. OSD settings
14. Timer entries can be
repeated daily, weekly or
15. Child protection settings
16. Each of the eight favourites
lists can be named individually
17. The receiver can be set to
play back descriptive audio
louder than the general audio
18. The software of the HDT-
275C can be updated with the
help of an external storage
19. Integrated video game –
20. Integrated video game –
21. PVR settings
22. Video player of the HDT-
23. MP4 playback
24. MP4 playback in SD or HD
channel is being watched live.
As the receiver comes with a
single tuner only, all channels
that cannot be watched while
an event is being recorded are
blanked out on the channel
list which creates a very user-
friendly overview.
Whenever we test a receiv-
er, we test it really hard and
this time we programmed two
HDTV events for simultaneous
recording. Quite frankly, we
would not have been surprised
by an occasional performance
hiccup, yet there wasn’t any.
The HDT-275C acted like it
was the most natural job on
earth and accomplished this
mission without a glitch. Using
appropriate software like DVR
Studio or ProjectX it is possible
to create a DVD on the PC us-
ing the recordings made by this
receiver. You may of course
choose to simply save a file
with the recording as well.
The HDT-275C comes with a
built-in timeshift viewing fea-
ture which can also be deacti-
vated, if not required. Turned
on, it allows rewinding during
a live recording or even adding
the entire timeshift buffer to
a manual recording. What this
means in everyday use is that
you can record an interesting
event in full even though you
only decided to do that some
minutes into the broadcast. All
recordings saved onto the stor-
age medium are clearly listed
in the integrated media player
and even come with a small
thumbnail picture. During play-
back users can fast-forward or
rewind with 2/4/8/16/24-fold
It goes without saying that
Panodic has treated its HDT-
275C to a video and audio play-
er, as well as an image viewer.
The video player will happily
work with all standard files
such as MPEG, VOB, TS, MP4,
WMV and DivX – the only thing
it steadfastly refused in our
test was flash video.
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