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KLA-110 Launch Amplifier &
KCC-110 Channel Convertor/Processor
Filtering, amplifying and converting DTT
channels to new frequencies
Input frequency range
44 – 862 MHz
Output frequency range
44 – 862 MHz
Channel bandwidth
7/8 MHz
Input level range
65 – 95 dBµV
Output level adjustment (KCC-110)
60 – 80 dBµV
Gain adjustment (KLA-110)
14 – 45 dB
Output S/N and spurious
> 55 dB
Noise figure
< 2 dB
Power supply
110 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Jacek Pawlowski
Test Center
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2013
Outstanding workmanship
Very easy programming
Wide gain adjustment and excellent calibration
of gain settings
Using adjacent output channels does not spoil
system performance
Initial connection to the PC should be explained
in more detail
Expert Opinion
normally used. This in turn
means that such SAW filters
can work up to a couple of
gigahertz while maintaining
perfect stability with a high
quality factor. The result
then is also a superb lockout
of any unwanted signals and
here as of lately LTE signals
spring to mind. The Kingray
headends by Antiference are
really safe against receiving
such unwanted signals at
nearby frequencies.
Then we experimented
with the signal gain settings
to see if it had any impact
on signal quality. No mat-
ter if the output signal was
high or low, signal qual-
ity remained practically the
same. During these tests
we also confirmed that the
headend gain settings were
very well calibrated. For
example, when we lowered
the KLA-110 Launch Am-
plifier gain from 45 dB to
14 dB, the output fell from
122.9 dBµV to 92.8 dBµV.
So a change of 31 dB in the
Antiference settings caused
30.1 dB change in the output
measured by our signal ana-
lyzer. When we changed the
output power of the KCC-110
Channel Convertor from 80
dBµV to 60 dBµV, the meas-
ured output changed from
92.8 dBµV to 73.3 dBµV, i.e.
by 19.5 dB. This is an amaz-
ing exactness!
To sum it up, Antiference
surprised us not only with
exceptional workmanship
but also with a very good
performance on adjacent
channels and an excellent
calibration of the gain set-
ting. Whatever values you
5. Our exemplary settings ready. When the
“Write” button is pressed, the settings will
be sent to the Channel Converter.
6. When all three Channel Converters and
Launch Amplifier are programmed, the
Headend Status window may look like that.
choose, you will exactly get
these at the output. The
Kingay KLA-110 by Antifer-
ence blocks all unwanted
signals and provides your
cable system with a very
clean signal for each chan-
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