TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2013
on the screen. The AZBox ME
shows the selected memory
position on the display as well
and once your choice appears
on it you may safely release
the button on the remote.
So which firmware version is
worth giving a try? We recom-
mend AZtrino v1.6 (Mini-Me) /
v1.7 (ME).
This is the official AZBox
firmware. AZtrino is based on
a user interface that is radical-
ly different from all other firm-
ware versions. While you may
be underwhelmed by its visual
appearance at first, you will
definitely begin to appreciate
its benefits after a short peri-
od of familiarisation. It is very
streamlined and straightfor-
ward and even feels more re-
sponsive than other firmware
options. It goes without say-
ing that it offers all relevant
functions and features such
as blind scan, media player
and so on. For the AZBox ME
you should choose version 1.7,
while for the MiniMe version
1.6 is required.
The Canadian distributor of
the AZBox ME offers a firm-
ware version for North Amer-
ica (versions 1.77, 1.82 and
1.85) which is slightly more
advanced and hence also runs
a tad more reliably. DXers, in
particular, prefer that firmware
thanks to its enhanced blind
scan function. While users in
other countries are of course
free to install that firmware as
well, they should make a point
of saving a backup of all set-
tings beforehand, since this US
firmware only includes satellite
positions that can be received
16. About screen of OAM,
featuring the brand new kernel
3.5.5 – unfortunately you
cannot use this firmware in
parallel with the other kernel
v3.3.1 based firmware images.
That will certainly change when
all teams release their v3.5.5
based firmware versions.
17. In this firmware, the media
player has been replaced by a
custom player called AZPlay.
18. AZPlay feels a lot more
integrated in the firmware.
19. And naturally it supports
subtitles, which can be
configured to suit the individual
20. As usual with OpenPLI-
based firmware releases, the
GUI is easy to use and features
all possible functions.
21. A few Plugins are pre-
installed and many more can
be installed. Since this is a
pre-release, the plug-in servers
are not online, so the user must
transfer the Plugins himself,
using FTP.
22. Thumbs up for this cool
plugin, called “Satfinder”:
finally bars that are big enough
to be read from distance.
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