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— 03-04/2013
Internet Player
Streaming Player
Thanks to its feather-
light weight of only 84gms
(3 ounces) and its slim size
you can slip the box in your
pocket and take it with you
wherever you go. Its high-
gloss plastic housing gives
off a stable and cleanly de-
signed impression.
The included remote con-
trol that came with our test
model has a mere 11 but-
tons, four of which make up
the group of ring buttons,
and as hard as it is to be-
lieve, these 11 buttons give
you complete control of the
Roku 2 XD Streaming Player!
Before the box is ready
to use, you have to spend a
short time with the Instal-
lation Assistant. After that,
the user is asked to register
the hardware via the Inter-
net; the user is directed to
an Internet site and provid-
ed with an activation code.
Once the site has been ac-
cessed on a PC and all the
registration information is
entered, the user then sup-
plies the activation code
shown on the box thus end-
ing the initial installation of
the Roku 2 XD. The box then
switches over to the main
All of these steps func-
tioned correctly during our
tests; unfortunately though,
the registration process can
only be completed if a valid
payment method is set up
(credit card, PayPal, etc.).
The manufacturer promis-
es to keep this information
confidential in order to pre-
The Roku 2 XD’s main
menu is made up of two sub
headings, System Settings
and Channel Store.
Since the box is shipped
from the factory without
any Apps pre-installed, the
user would need to down-
load them directly from the
Roku Channel Store via the
Internet. After momentar-
ily pressing a button on the
remote control to access
the Channel Store from the
main menu, a huge selec-
tion of downloadable Apps is
made available to the user
that are sorted by free and
paid Apps. At well over 500
Apps, we quickly gave up
counting all of them.
vent any unauthorized use
of this information but those
users that only want to use
the box for its free content
and don’t need any of the
extra features that come at
a cost might take issue with
this requirement.
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