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— 05-06/2013
can link to the Internet (to
all the other available sub-
In order to feed TV signals
into the home network, an
IPTV server is needed that
would receive the digital
satellite, terrestrial or ca-
ble TV signals, demodulate
them and feed them into a
network as an IPTV pack-
et. But it’s easier said than
done as there are several
problems. For one thing it
has to be determined how
these TV packets are to be
transmitted in the network.
For that there are two choic-
es: Unicast and Muilticast.
With Unicast, a TV device
(for example, a computer, a
tablet or an IPTC compat-
ible TV) requests a specific
TV channel from the serv-
er. This TV channel is then
isolated from the transport
stream (that typically car-
ries multiple TV channels),
inserted into the IPTV pack-
age and then sent directly
to the TV via the switch.
This solution has the ad-
vantage that the generated
data traffic only takes place
between the broadcaster
and the TV; other TVs in
the same subnet are not
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