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— 05-06/2013
Example 09.0E with SL3 -
Ka (18.3-18.8GHz) vs
Ka (19.7-20.2GHz)
1. EBS Pro showing the RF scan of the Ka/High-Band.
2. Using the valuable possibility of sending RAW
DiSEqC commands, the “E20300” sequence is sent to
the BBC.
3. After a new RF scan, one can see the Ka/Low-Band of
the SL3. No modification to the BBC was required.
Digital Amateur TV website with instructions on modifying a B-band
converter (BBC) to permanently activate the conversion from 250 - 750 MHz
to 1660 - 2150 MHz.
Topic in the Satellite Guys Forum to use the SL3 LNB in Europe.
NewSpotter – Distributes and leases, among other things, small cars with a
Ka-band satellite link.
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