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— 05-06/2013
only, with diameters of 140, 150 and 180
cm,“ Liao Wen Fen walks down memory
lane. In 2003, Ku band antennas were
added and in that same year the compa-
ny moved to larger premises in Guixing,
where it is still located today. “The first Ku
band antenna was a 60 cm model.”
In the meantime, LIANXING has ex-
panded its Ku band antenna range to also
include 35, 45 and 75 cm dishes. “But
we can produce any other size as well,”
adds co-founder Wen Lang Yuan, who is
in charge of antenna production. Which
model is the top-selling dish? We’re sur-
prised to find out “it’s the 45 cm antenna,
which we export to Japan in huge num-
bers.” Incidentally, almost 70% of overall
exports are destined for Japan, and “20%
of our dishes go to Indonesia, above all
the 180 cm variant for the C band.” The
remaining 10% are spread all over the
world, since LIANXING does not sell any
products in the local Chinese market.
What differentiates LIANXING anten-
nas from the rest and why are they so
popular in Japan of all places? Production
manager and co-owner Wen Lang Yuan
has the answers: “We only use the best
available materials and manually work
on every single component until it feels
100% right. For instance, we source pow-
der paint for powder-coating from Aczon-
bel and as dish material we used thicker-
than-average strength.” Wen Lang Yuan
1, 2: One of LIANXING’s top-selling
3, 4: Fastening clamps of a
refers to 0.8 mm aluminium bands used
to produce some of the Ku band anten-
Five huge metal sheet presses can be
found on the manufacturing floor. They
are used to press and shape all required
dish sizes for the Ku band as well as the
segments for C band antennas. The dish-
es and segments are then thoroughly
cleaned in a total of eight basins and pre-
pared for spray-painting. 20 stamp ma-
chines are available for treating smaller
components and the total production ca-
pacity has reached some four million an-
tennas per year. “Our dishes are of such
high quality that we have decided to drive
our expansion even further,” Liao Wen
Fei explains with reference to the com-
pany’s long-standing success in Japan, a
market that only accepts top quality. “We
do, however, offer the same quality in
other markets as well, while at the same
time keeping our prices at very competi-
tive levels,” sales manager Liao Wen Fei
states and extends an invitation to all in-
terested distributors and retailers to add
LIANXING products to their portfolio.
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