05-06/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
1. Assistant sales manager
Faustina showing to us an
antenna at a preliminary
stage: Pressing is already
2. The antenna is stamped
from the press mould. Sales
manager and co-owner Liao
Wen Fei showing the result in
front of one of the eight giant
3. Preparation for the paint
job: The aluminium or steel
material of the finished
antenna is cleaned in a total of
eight basins.
4. Stamped antennas are
attached to the conveyor belt.
5. The antennas gradually
disappear into the paint
chamber, where workers spray
the coloured powder onto the
6. View of the paint containers
that are sourced from
Aczonbel. “We only use top-
grade powder from that paint
7. Recycling plant: This
is where paint fumes are
extracted and collected. “We
do not re-use this recycled
paint, but only work with
original paint,” production
manager Wen Liang Yuan
emphasises. “This is the
only way we can guarantee
consistently high quality of
our antennas.”
8. After approximately
eight minutes the finished
antennas are taken from
the 50 m conveyor belt. At a
visual checkpoint all flawless
units are put into a transport
container, while faulty
antennas are removed from
the line.
Antenna Production at LIANXING
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