05-06/2013 —
TELE-audiovision International —
ELDTEC erected a parade of
satellite antennas in an open area.
All of these dishes are in use and
pointed to different satellites. The
dishes are tested on a long-term
in 2003 the company began producing
coaxial cable. “In 2004 the company
moved to its current location in Aruja.”
How are things looking in sales? This
was a question for Sales Manager Jef-
ferson Cruz who runs a team of seven
regional sales managers. We wanted
to know why ELDTEC does not export
any of their products: “We can’t match
the prices of our competitors”, he ad-
mits openly, “We often pay more for the
materials than our competitors charge
for the complete product.” Even though
their production operation is exception-
ally organized, the company can’t reach
the price levels of the world market.
“We would love to export”, says Jef-
ferson Cruz, “but aside from the prices
there are still other hurdles relating to
product shipments across the border.”
But who knows, maybe ELDTEC will
find a way to compete with the prices
on the world market and jump over
those exporting hurdles. Then ELDTEC
will also become known outside of Bra-
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