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— 05-06/2013
Coaxial Cable Production
1. A drum containing nearly 700kg (1,500 Lbs) of copper wire in the
protective cage.
2. The copper wire is fed at a speed of roughly 13 meters/second (43 feet/
second). The first stop is this machine which stretches the wire so that
any possible production failures can be eliminated.
3. The cable production control box. The speed is shown in the upper left
at 12 m/s (about 40 feet/sec).
4-5. The first step takes place here: making the internal dielectric spacer.
The plastic granules are heated and coated around the wire passing
through the machine. This process heats the wire to about 220°C (430°F).
The wire first has to be cooled before anything else can be done.
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