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— 05-06/2013
Thousands of
Developmental Engineers
Alexander Wiese
One of the most critical departments in
any technology company would be their
Research and Development (R&D) group.
Less innovative firms have just a few of
these R&D engineers while those more
strongly innovative companies have a
large R&D department. But what if nearly
an entire company were made up of R&D
engineers? And what if there were thou-
sands of them?
This is precisely the case with Hisilicon.
Almost 4000 employees work there and
90% of them are in R&D. The few remain-
ing employees are in sales, marketing and
administration. Sure enough, Hisilicon is a
spin-off of the gigantic company Huawei.
This enormous worldwide telecommuni-
cations giant was founded in 1991 and
today has more than 100,000 employees.
In 2004 the R&D department was spun-
off under the name Hisilicon. Hisilicon’s
Chipset Software Developer
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