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— 05-06/2013
Hisilicon’s software development has these targets in mind
the large manufacturers in
China are Hisilicon customers.
And just with these chipsets
alone Hisilicon can achieve
sales of more than USD$ 100
million a year.
For the future Hisilicon will
be relying more on the inte-
gration with other products.
These innovations would in-
clude, for example, the inte-
gration of Smartphones and
solutions where TV reception
on different monitors would
be possible – under the term
known as Multi-screen Solu-
tion: the currently running TV
program could be routed from
a TV monitor to a tablet/PC
and from there to a Smart-
phone, etc.
Hisilicon has the experts
at hand that can significantly
change the future of TV receiv-
ers. With thousands of R&D
engineers, this company can
solve all of the new challenges
that face them with an endless
amount of brain power.
area. They develop chipsets
and solutions for DVB receiv-
Hisilicon is the leading pro-
vider of chipsets for the local
Chinese DVB-C cable market.
Recently, Hisilicon also began
working on numerous solu-
tions for the market outside
of China. This covers primar-
ily chipsets for DVB-S/S2 as
well as DVB-T/T2. Hisilicon’s
chipsets can be found in the
receivers of many well-known
manufacturers. Nearly all of
HiSilicon HD decoder main features
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