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Years Ago
TV Station Paris 1943
First TV transmissions started in Germany in 1938 in Berlin. When Germany
started World War II the managers at "Fernsehsender Berlin" (TV Station
Berlin) were faced with having to close down their brandnew station for not
being relevant to war efforts. They needed a reason to stay out of war and
came up with the suggestion to relocate the tv station to Paris to entertain
the wounded in hospitals there. Smartly, they argued that a high power tv
station would disturbe enemy airplanes, which of course was nonsense but
convinced the powers at the time.
As luck had it, the French had just installed a tv transmitter of their own in
the Eiffel tower to start their own transmissions with 180 lines. The Germans
took over and first had to convert the transmitter to their 441 line system.
Finally in 1942 a regular tv schedule in German language was started,
which lasted up till summer 1944. TV was aired in the morning from 10
to 12, and in the evening from 8:30 to midnight. In the remaining time the
station turned off their video broadcast and became a radio only station.
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