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— 05-06/2013
and – consequently – busy
tuners are greyed out in the
channel list so that you can
see at a single glance which
channel selection will be
successful and which won’t.
While this may sound like an
obvious feature we have to
say that it is not as common
as we would like it to be.
The one thing that does
not meet with our approval
is the limited timer memory
that only allows a maximum
of eight entries. A modern
PVR receiver with twin tuner
capacity requires more than
In everyday use the HD
8840 impresses with a huge
range of practical features
and functions, all of which
are neatly implemented too.
You get OSD teletext, dedi-
cated buttons on the remote
control for changing the out-
put resolution or selecting a
soundtrack, and so on.
All commands sent from the
remote are received swiftly
and executed without any
noticeable lag, even when
two HD recordings are taking
place in the background. The
powerful 400 MHz processor
that is the heart and soul of
this receiver deserves the
credit for this, together with
a 64 MB flash memory and 1
GB of DDR SDRAM which pro-
vides sufficient buffer mem-
But even with all those
Looking at the two tuners of the Amiko HD 8840.
Tuners for DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2/C are available,
which can by used in any combination.
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